I thought hard on what I should write about. My previous blog was about my experience as Moldovan Girl traveling around the world. 

Now I’m not sure I want to talk about only one topic so I will try to have a meaningful conversation with you. 


I love reading, and I read a lot and everything, I will do my best to make you excited and love reading more than I do. 

I read different topics mainly because I'm curious and the only way for me to find the answers for my questions is to dive deep into a book to see all the aspects of the question and to discover many other questions in the way. 


Being human is not easy, yet somehow we try to live in this weird reality, find meaning, understand yourself and the world around us. I will take you with me on a journey where we will find together the answer we personally care about.


I will share my experience as a social entrepreneur and tell you about what I learned. I will share my dreams, questions and excitement to make you love your journey if you are passionate about startups. 


Yes I believe that all humans should have equal rights and opportunities, sadly, which is not the case at the moment. I did discovered that discrimination often is two way sward and often we are the perpertraiotors of our self discrimination. I would like to share my experience of how I learned to grow and pursue success in the context of our culture, education and many obstacles that our society and ourselves face. I will address girls, but boys are welcome in the conversation because only together we find solutions that work. 

Art and Creativity

I believe that art in any form must be part of our lives, not to be left only to professionals, but an active creation process for every individual. Because art is the process that teaches us things that will ensure our happiness, resilience, mindfulness, and love. Through art we can learn to become better, much easier and faster. 

Big Questions

I will share with you my journey of searching the questions, because as I discovered early in my life a good question is a half answer. We are curious human beings, this is what drives us forward, and curiosity is not a natural skill, yes we have it as a seed in us, but it's up to us to stretch it and to make it a powerful skill, because a good question is the door to truth.


I love nature, nature is our parent, our home is an extension of us. I did enjoy scuba diving for a while, traveling and seeing many spectacular monuments of nature, and just a simple plain tree will make you spiritually taller. I will often talk about nature and many beautiful things and mysteries nature holds in store for us, because nature is our greatest teacher. 

My belief that happy, resilient, flexible positive people have rounded personalities, it certainly made me more happy, more resilient and more flexible.A rounded personality needs to grow in different directions. We will have simple conversations and difficult one to stretch our mind and bring constructive positive thinking. This is why I did not choose one particular topic, because I want a meaningful conversation. 

I want to have a connection with you. 


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