Posted on June 28, 2020

Top 3 Books on How to Start a Startup

Here are the top 3 books that helped me start a startup. I will just focus on giving you 3 books that will show you how and why to start your own startup. These books are not too deep, there more to lay the ground and the directions for you. 

This list was a tough one, because it took time for me to actually decide what you need to know to start on a right footing? What will help you overcome the barriers of the new and the unknown, what do you need to know to start, and what do you need to know that you don't know yet. 

I focus more on giving you titles that will shed a light on what it is like to do a startup and what are the questions you need to ask before you are starting. Collecting the right questions to help you expand your knowledge faster, because my goal is to pull you out of darkness and set you on the shortest and fastest lane. 
Here we go!

Book 1: Personal MBA

By Josh Kaufman

I think this book stands out in my memory just because when I was reading it my brain was on fire, firstly he was opening a new territory for me, the territory of business and it was exciting. 
The author lays the outline, a map for you, the first seeds of how the business world functions. This is why I believe you should start with this book, because it’s simple and it will touch a bit on all aspects of a business. Here you will learn the main components and what you don’t know yet about business, it will help you form a basic direction guidance system in your head to know what to look for and where to look. Also this book will give you more questions which is great because in the beginning of any new adventure you need to start with good questions. 

Also I like his optimism. You can do it style, which can pump up anyone to want to do it. 

Book 2: The Lean Startup

By Eric Ries

This book is the Holy Grail of the startup movement, as any of these types of books it stirs a lot of controversy. But you definitely need to read it, if you want to integrate into the community, whether you will use it’s methodology or not, this book starts with a framework for startup building, and I think you need to learn the rules, master them,then break them. So yes, we start with learning how the startup building process works, which will form your thinking and will give you a set of tools and methods on how you can effectively concept, build and test your product. I see it as a play book, startups at this point in the beginning especially are a game, learn to master it in your free time, with your own pace and goals, then who knows next you will be playing the big game. 

Book 3: Rework

By Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

After you learn the main rules of starting a startup is time to widen your perspective. I know you will get the mantras of startup building from events, trainings, hackathons, and other sources. Yet I believe that you should keep a perspective too, and remember that reality is a complex and diverse world, and you are building the startup in this reality. So is time to embrace diversity and know that startups can be different, the way you build them can be different, and so is for every aspect of the process. Ultimately it is your startup, you are the mastermind of it, nobody can know better than you what it is. And as good piece of mind for you, I think you should read Rework because this book is about going not with the flow but finding your stream, and you will learn from author’s experiences how different it can be, it will widen your perspective I hope, because this is important in the beginning not to limit yourself, and be stubborn in some ways to keep it unique and fresh. 

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